A Parable on Tradition

The majestic silver trees lining the streets of Shanghai were imported from France over a century ago. They stand like pillars along the newly paved roads and old cobblestone sidewalks.  Between their mottled trunks, colorful flags of blankets and old ladies’ underwear waved in the shade. A middle-aged woman leaned out of a second story window […]

Author Update

Hello! For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with a friend of mine on a podcast called Philosophy in the Bedroom. If you would like to listen to a writer and an art historian grapple with life’s existential questions on a weekly basis, check out our website here . Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting my writing on this […]

As Time Goes By

You are all worlds, and all princes, I, Nothing else is. — The first time he saw The Assassin she was stepping off the train at Union Station. She walked with a sparseness of movement, as if gliding through the crowd without touching the grimy concrete they all trudged on. She stopped momentarily at the […]

Untitled Fairy Tale: Part 2

Continued from Untitled Fairy Tale: Part 1. Continued in Untitled Fairy Tale: Part 3. Once upon a time, a well-meaning, hard-working, but mentally complacent knight named Grant fell from the top of an enchanted tower where he had been hanging by his fingertips because he forgot to hold on. His descent was witnessed by his loyal […]


So much of Manhattan is patches of slick tourist traps bristling with selfie sticks and oversized billboards. But if you look carefully into the perpetual scaffolding, you can still find the hotel where Tesla died in love with a pigeon, or where Washington was inaugurated around the corner from TJMaxx. If you care about that […]

Untitled Fairy Tale: Part 1

Once upon a time, one of those beautiful princesses you always hear about lived in her very own tower on top of a high(ish) mountain. The tower was a proper fairy tale tower, so it was surrounded by brambles and thorns and lined with slimy moss. On the ground around it, like trampled flowers, lay […]

Midnight Melons

(cont’d from Nineteen Cent Chicken) Dad went to grad school with Aunt Mimi’s ex-husband–the one who left her the night she arrived in America. I heard he was tall and good looking, so I always imagined him with a strong square jaw and chiseled cheekbones. Dad on the other hand was short with an almost […]