Current Projects

Check out my new podcast Philosophy in the Bedroom where my best friend and I grapple with life’s existential questions from the comfort of our beds.

I have a few loosely-defined writing projects I’m currently working on:

Traveling TalesStories inspired by my travels in China and Korea
Palm Trees in the Snow
Home Sweet Chicago
Chongqing Subway

Nineteen Cent Chicken: inspired by my experiences as a bi-cultural American.
A Parable on Tradition
The Girl Who Played Virgin
Nineteen Cent Chicken
Midnight Melons
My grandmother turned 80 this year
The Game

Untitled Fairy TaleWhat happens when a princess frees herself from the tower?
Untitled Fairy Tale (Part 1)
Untitled Fairy Tale (Part 2)
Untitled Fairy Tale (Part 3)


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